Measuring emotions advertising with the Product Emotion Measurement Instrument

In this study we assessed the validty of PrEmo for measuring emotions elecited by advertisements. PrEmo, designed to measure product-emotions, was used for the first time on advertisements. PrEmo measures positive and negative emotions using 14 animations. Each animation depicts a separate emotion through facial and bodily expression, and tone of voice (Desmet 2000). 1300 participants from TNS NIPObase judged four car ads and two mobile phone ads. Three conditions were made for each ad, varying their amount of openness by using anchoring headlines. A more open ad provides less guidance towards a certain message, requiring more effort of the consumer to construct an interpretation. Based on the following findings we concluded that PrEmo adequately measures advertising emotions: (1) PrEmo measures 14 relevant advertising emotions, (2) PrEmo showed (as expected) stronger positive emotions for closed ads and stronger negative emotions for open ads, (3) PrEmo results showed high agreement with rating scales measuring ad-attitude and (4) with rating scales measuring persuasion (5) respondents judged PrEmo enjoyable and easy to use. Click on image to download paper in Dutch (in pdf)

Gisbergen, M. S., & Ketelaar, P. E. (2004). PrEmotie bij advertenties.
Een onderzoek naar het meten van emoties bij advertenties met het Product Emotion Measurement Instrument (PrEmo).
Intern rapport Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen.